Waxing Press

Who we are

Waxing Press was launched in 2015 by Ian Wissman, founding editor of the Cincinnati-based literary journal, Milk Money Magazine.

As a writer and an editor, Ian has a passion for fiction that tests the bounds of the written word and an insatiable taste for new writing from authors who might otherwise never see the light.


What we do

We seek out the outre and obscure. The unique and unexpected. We work to publish writing that explores a diversity of style and form. Of meaning and language. Where identity is a shared experience rather than an individual one.

We publish novels and book-length work that demands to be read and demands more from the reader. We look in the dark corners of fiction to find literature that drips with daring waiting to be drunk.

Why we do it

Mired in a culture that's obsessed with false reality and a laminated, consumer-ready world, we see fit to remind the world of the weird and the wonderful. The dark and the brooding. The surreal and the unreal. The off-kilter. We want to remind readers that there is a liminal space where the sisterworld of reality lurks. It exists in our minds and here, on the page. Won't you turn it?