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Book Review: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

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If you’re not familiar with House of Leaves, then you basically need to know it’s a book about a critical review written by a blind man of a film that doesn’t exist, transcribed by a man who found the notes in a trunk in an abandoned apartment. The film is about a man whose house has within it, a pitch black labyrinth he then sets off to explore with colleagues and friends.

Book Review: Belladonna by Daša Drndić

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History is heredity is culture. History repeats itself because it's a genetic inheritance that deteriorates us as we try to push back against it. We try to correct it. In Belladonna, Daša Drndić uses her protagonist, Andreas Ban, a deteriorating retiree, to tell the history of Croatia; it's bloodied past, marred by fascism, antisemitism, and The Holocaust.

Book Review: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

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Heller set the tone of post-WW2 ironic fiction, creating a roadmap that only became deeper and more expansive as many clamored to employ their inspiration after reading Catch-22. I don’t think the significance of this book can be overstated when it comes to postmodern fiction. Reading it is like finding the source material to your favorite works; a missing link. The lineage of literary ancestry.

Book Review: Lookout Cartridge by Joseph McElroy

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Lookout Cartridge by Joseph McElroy, like a cartridge itself, can only be deciphered for the screen behind our eyes once it has been inserted into our mechanistic, computer-brain to decode and process. The complexity and unique style of its prose, and how it "processes" layers of images will provide the reader with a steep challenge that rewards diligence with evocative scenes and a masterful use of language that mirrors cognition in ways before unimagined.