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Choosing An Accidental Profession

tastemaking, new releasesIan Wissman

If you're unfamiliar with this site, you may be wondering a whole host of things: Where am I? What is Waxing Press? What is An Accidental Profession? Why should I read this book? I write books, should I submit my book to Waxing Press? So, to answer most of those questions, I'd like to answer a bigger one: why did we choose An Accidental Profession to inaugurate Waxing Press and set us out into this world? It's an easy one. So allow us to elucidate:

Firstly, it's uproarious in its degradation. Told through the lens of anonymity on all accounts, the narrator unshackles the chains to tell the secret lives of the most unsavory, unsympathetic creatures you could ever meet. Somehow, they're all believable in their un-savoriness, and, to apply the cliche of a train wreck, you cannot bear look away. You invest in their horrible acts, somehow rooting for them to score with the best looking guy or gal in the office--married or not. It's a carnival pleasure of sorts. There's Chaucerian ribaldry, there's tales of comeuppance, it's the workplace fiction-as-fact tell-all of modern life in the American corporate office--where so many find themselves because it offers a handsome paycheck, comfortable living, but a miserable quality of such. It is somewhere you found yourself one day, unplanned. An accidental profession.

Further, captured in the book is that kind of zeitgeist of existential Bartlebian office-life dread, with a critical, soul-dividing narrative of forlorn love. Is it love or lust?

I could go on, but I don't want to dictate what the book is and isn't to you. So let this stand as a couple of the reasons why we chose this book for Waxing Press. I really hope others can find the same universal sensibility in it. If not, at least there's a lot of weird office sex in it.