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Passing Away by Tom LeClair — October 1, 2018

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It is with great excitement that we announce the forthcoming release of Tom LeClair’s latest—and final—novel, Passing Away. The conclusion to LeClair’s Passing tetralogy, Passing Away is a concatenation of fictions in three parts following the life of Passing’s protagonist, Michael Keever, the dying days of Calvin Coolidge, and the heavily amended “Ice Diaries” of Frederic Tudor, a pioneer of the ice trade in 19th century America. As such, Passing Away works as a standalone piece that also helps conclude the Keever storyline; meanwhile, the other two long-form stories here operate on the same themes as Keever and his passing brother.

Passing Away Cover_small.jpg

LeClair is known for his literary criticism having written the defining text on the “systems novel” in his 1989 book, The Art of Excess. His book reviews have been widely published and read, and he was appointed as a National Book Award judge in 2005. A professor emeritus at the University of Cincinnati, LeClair has spent the last ten years in Brooklyn, NY and the summers in Athens, Greece.

Passing Away will be published by Waxing Press on October 1, 2018. Stay tuned for more news about Passing Away in the coming weeks, including pre-order information and release event details.



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